KOL provides you with the tools you need to build your smart restaurant easilyYour Smart Restaurant Solution Is A Few Clicks Away!

Your Smart Restaurant Solution Is A Few Clicks Away!

App Details

KOL develops web-app for restaurants linked to their POS where their customers can easily scan tables QR codes and access restaurants’ website to browse menu details through their mobile phones. Your customers’ orders go directly from their phones to your POS system including all their contact information which help you to re-target them and maintain their loyalty. We give restaurants the authority to have their customers’ database and feedback between their hands. This help restaurants to know their walk-in customers’ behavior and always keep in touch with them for improvement purposes.

App Features

      • Reducing Operational Cost
      • Increasing Business Sales 
      • Enhance operational efficiency
      • Reach your customers 
      • Analytics Report & Data Base 



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