Start sending e-receipts today via sms. This transition to e-receipts offers you various perks, such as getting to know your customers better, increasing sales, and retaining customers through automations and retargeting.

Digitize your paper receipts today

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Receety aims to revolutionize the purchasing experience for both consumers and businesses. We help businesses start sending e-receipts instantly to consumers via SMS technology. With the transition to e-receipts you increase your data collection from day one. As well as enhancing your brand image by sending interactive e-receipts with your own branding, colors, and social media links.

Overall, Receety is a powerful tool for your business, which helps you get the edge you need to maintain and grow your client base. Not only are we helping you cut costs & become green & collect data, Receety allows businesses to better understand their target audience and tailor their offerings accordingly. This not only helps increase revenue by ensuring that customers are receiving the product they want, but also helps businesses build a loyal customer base that will continue to return.

App Features

  • E-receipts: Start sending interactive e-receipts instantly using the clients phone number that have your own branding, colors, and social media links
  • Loyalty Program: Launch integrated affordable loyalty programs that give the clients points in their accounts in return for purchases frequency
  • Increase data collection: Improve data collection to help companies make the right decisions for their customers
  • Environmental-Friendly Solution: Reduce the use of thermal paper rolls and receipt printers by switching to digital receipts
  • Feedback: Integrated feedback system that the vendor can fully customize to help your business maintain quality while growing


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