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App Details

iWaiter stands for intelligent waiter. in iWaiter, we developed a web app template for restaurants and cafes. Whether the customer wants to order for pickup or delivery, he can use the restaurant web app and make an order.

We developed a QR technology that generates a unique QR code for each table in the restaurant. When a customer scans the QR code on the table, they will be redirected to the restaurant web app where they can make and pay for their order through this single page application. We support all payment methods including Apple Pay.

We also have a smart waiting list queue, a customer can scan the QR for the waiting list and he will be in the line and get notified when his table is ready.
We also provide data analytic for how customers see your menu, the total count of clicks on an item, and how many of them completed the purchases.

App Features

  • Unique QR menu for each table that customers can scan and order directly without the need for a waiter.
  • Website for receiving online orders for pickup and delivery.
  • Waiting list queue, easy to use (just scan the QR for the waiting list).
  • Analytics user’s behavior and what item on the menu they click the most.
  • Menu engineering strategies are all done in one click.
  • Keep your customer data safe and export all the information in one click.





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