Saudi Hands


This is a tribute to the builders of our nation

Small and medium businesses, the backbone of our nation’s economy

Our nation wouldn’t be the same without the contributions of SMBs. Celebrating National Day means celebrating them.

Are you the owner of a small business?

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Why supporting them matters

Character & Personality

Small businesses often stem from the soul and character of your neighborhood. They carry within their layers the personality and colors of the people.

Ambition & Innovation

Small businesses listen. To them you are not just a number, you are the core. Instead of focusing on the next market they’re expanding into, they’re focusing on meeting your expectations.

The Lifeline of Your Economy

Everytime you buy that meal, order that dessert, you are directly investing in the job creation for a passionate chef, a hardworking waiter, an ambitious owner.

Support Yourself

Because one day you may be the owner of a small business, and when that day comes we will be there to support you too.

How you can support them as a consumer

Reviews Matter

Reviews are crucial for the sustainability of small businesses. Make sure to review them responsibly: you can either lift them up with a positive review, or put them down with a negative one. If you are upset about an experience, you can always give your feedback directly to management.

Feedback Matters

Small businesses have a smaller hierarchy and less bureaucracy. When you give your constructive feedback to management, it’s often escalated directly to responsible parties and turned into action. By giving them feedback, you are helping them grow and improve quality of service. It’s a win-win.

Kindness Matters

Always think of the person on the other end of the line; just like you, they are doing the best they can. The way you give feedback can either motivate the employee to grow and improve, or it can cost them their career. Articulating your thoughts kindly will help them locate the problem and solve it, and subsequently provide you with a better experience next time.

Messages from our restaurateurs

The entrepreneur is an economic treasure who has undertaken great risks to provide us with innovative value. It is our duty to empower, advice and support them, not discourage them.

Turki Al Qurashi

Vice President, Ruwad Al Deyafa

Every single thing you do to support small businesses matters, even if it’s as simple as leaving them a great review on Google Maps or letting your friends know when you discover a new place. Be kind, it counts!

Nouf Al Harbi

Owner, Hamsa wa Taghmeesa

The F&B industry is responsible for great economic opportunities, specifically in the employment of young Saudi talents. I believe in the growth potential of this industry and that community support is crucial for its success.

Iyad Al Rasheed

Vice President, Shawarmer

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