Wazen ERP

With Wazen ERP, you can Sync your Daily Sales and Purchase Operations Easily and fully Manage all your Accounting, Vendors, Tax, HR, and many more.

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App Details

Wazen ERP enables you to integrate a complete ERP with Foodics to sync your purchases and sales, follow up on vendors’ accounts and payments, control your cash and bank accounts, Generate the Vat Report, and Maintain your financial Statements.

Moreover, you can manage your employees with Wazen HR System and the self-service mobile app. All that and many more features with Wazen ERP.

App Features

  • Sync your Purchase Transactions.
  • Sync your Sales Transactions.
  • Control your Cash and Bank Accounts.
  • Manage your vendor’s Accounts.
  • Get Complete reports about sales, purchases, and cash Transactions.
  • Generate your VAT Report.
  • Manage your payroll.
  • Control Employee’s Attendance.
  • Use the Full HR System.


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