Manage all your restaurant online orders from one place.

FeedUs is a leading Software-as-a-Service solution that is focusing on solving restaurant digital ordering problems.

App Details

FeedUs integrates all online ordering channels in the region into your existing Foodics POS system. It is a unified platform that connects Hungerstation, Jahez, Mrsool, ToYou, Careem, Lugmety, Shgardi, Lavender, Swift Order and several other online ordering platforms directly to your Foodics POS system. With FeedUs & Foodics integration, restaurants will be able to manage their menu centrally and eliminate potential errors and tedious redundant work of manually punching orders into the POS system.

App Features

  • Order Management: Manage all your online orders from a single system. Connect all your delivery providers & start accepting their orders and have them automatically sent to Foodics POS & from there to the kitchen display screen (KDS).
  • Menu Management: Create & manage your menu items from one place & sync your menu item prices, names, pictures, and descriptions to all your connected providers.
  • Location Management: Create a location for each of your restaurant branches & enjoy the ability to manage each one of them separately. You can connect different providers & assign separate users to each location.
  • Advanced Analytics: Monitor your restaurant sales performance like never before. We provide you with the right metrics to make informed decisions to improve your operation and increase your revenue.



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