Kickstart Your Restaurant!

With the success of our POS, we decided to extend our support by creating Foodics CAPITAL, a funding program for Foodics clients dedicated to providing funds to small, mid-size restaurants/Cafés as a push towards success. 

Foodics Capital Benefits

Get the necessary funding for your restaurant in record time & immediately run your operations.

Quick & Easy Funding

There are no long forms to fill out. Sign in to your Foodics account, apply in just a few minutes and get approval in 72 hours.

Hassle-Free Cash Transfer

Forget traditional funding methods and enjoy hassle-free funding now without interests.

Get Your Money Now, Pay It Back Later

Get your funding within 72 hours and set up the amount you want to pay on a monthly basis.

You Are in Good Hands

We possess vast experience and know-how in the restaurant industry and want to help you overcome the challenges and obstacles to running a restaurant/café.

Apply To Foodics Capital Now

Contact us for 72hr eligibility assessment.


Foodics Capital is a funding program designed to help small, mid-size businesses and startups in the restaurant industry by providing easy and flexible funds either as a Device, Service and/ or micro-loan model.

Foodics Capital candidates must check the following criteria:

  1. Small, medium enterprises and startups;
  2. Restaurants/Cafés who already use Foodics POS with an existing account;
  3. Gross Sales range: Average 50,000 to 120,000 sales receipts;
  4. Eager to grow.

The application process has 3 simple steps:

  1. Sign in to your Foodics account;
  2. Apply for a loan by filling the online application form;
  3. Approval takes 24 hours. Once approved, funds are deposited to your bank account  in 72 hours.
  4. Pay your loan back later with small amounts as automatic monthly payments.

Our Scoring Engine estimates your economic compliance and creates an accurate rating. Therefore, you will get the amount of loan your restaurant/café deserves.

The credit scoring will be based on the following criteria:

  1. Monthly revenue; 
  2. Revenue trend of the last 3 months;
  3. Current revenue vs last year’s average;
  4. Number of branches;
  5. Percentage of card transactions;
  6. Number of years in business.

You can use your loan for business purposes that contribute to your growth such as purchasing inventory, hiring new personnel, opening a new location, paying off debt, etc. Make sure you understand the gaps in your business and the best ways to approach them. 

Of course, Foodics’ support will not stop once the money has been given. For any inquiry or consultation, do not hesitate to contact our team. We are here to help you!

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