Give your guests a seamless, personalized, and rewarding experience at every meal.

The commission-free mobile ordering and data-driven marketing solution for leading hospitality brands

App Details

ChatFood enables F&B and hospitality operators to improve margins and run their venues more efficiently, whilst also ensuring an optimal customer experience. It is a single platform that combines digital ordering, payments, logistics, analytics, and marketing.

ChatFood has already empowered over 3,000 hospitality venues to drive more than $100 million in sales and convert more than 1 million visitors into direct customers. Our newly launched NFC/QR ordering system has been able to deliver outstanding results for our partners: 35% higher average spend, 3x more tips, and 25% more labor efficiency.

App Features

ChatFood’s single platform combines:

Digital ordering

Online: Turn your social media or website into a commission-free selling machine.

Dine-in: Customers can scan the QR code on their table to instantly access a digital menu, order and pay.


Spend less time settling & splitting bills and more time offering amazing food and service experience.


With our integration with Careem, you can request a delivery rider at the click of a button, so your customers receive live updates and get their food on time.


View valuable data & analytics to make better decisions informed by data.


Access cost-effective marketing tools, measure returns to your business, and make decisions with data-driven insights.


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