Have an intelligent insight about your customers’ purchasing behaviors, encourage and reward them on their next purchase, and switch to e-invoicing via SMS.

Data Driven Marketing Channel & Brand Building

App Details

iisal cloud-base service is capturing the purchasing behavior of consumers and showing it in rich dashboards and sales analytics for managers via a well-designed web application accessible from any device connected to the internet.

Consumers will receive electronic invoice on the spot via SMS message with the option to sign up to get its invoices storage and detailed expenses insights.

Electronic invoice is supported by advertisements spaces on the header and footer of the invoice that can be managed by iisal campaign manager with comprehensive dashboards and reporting.

Loyalty program is included in iisal for any brand to activate and manage the pointing policy, rewards, members, and reward redemption.

App Features

  • Electronic invoice service and storage in XML format with QR Code.
  • Sales insights and dashboard.
  • Loyalty program.
  • Purchasing Data capturing and analyzing consumer behavior.
  • Compliant with ZAKAT requirements Phase1 and 2.


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