All-in-one Restaurant Management System for Apple iPad

Designed to increase revenues and track your entire business, our iPad POS system in the UAE and KSA offers customizable features that cater to the requirements of your restaurant.

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We are approved by SAMA

The Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA) licensing Foodics as FinTech company through point of sales services. For more information please
Click Here.

Point of Sale in the Cloud

Foodics is smart and reliable and can be used by all through its cloud technology. Manage stocks, schedule staff, increase table turnaround time, get intelligence reports, and much more.

Over 7000 Foodics Customers

Partnering with food outlets across the Middle East, the Foodics POS system software is revolutionizing the F&B scene.

Over 1 Billion Orders

Processing over 5 million transactions a minute and solidifying businesses in an ever-competitive environment.

image of food truck icon

Food Truck

Be the favorite bite for the on-the-road customer to keep growing your business

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image of quick service restaurant icon

Quick Service Restaurant

Improve your speed of service and transform the customer experience.

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image of coffee shop icon

Coffee Shop

Whether it’s to go or not you’ll keep customers smiling with every visit

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image of pizzeria icon


Slice away your worries and add some Foodics toppings

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image of cup cake icon


Whether it’s croissants or rainbow bagels you’ll be spreading the joy

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image of drive thru icon


Let every window lead to another smoothly and swiftly

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image of fine dining restaurant icon

Fine-Dine Restaurant

An exquisite experience and great expectations to hold on to forever

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image of food court icon

Food Court

Stand out amongst the rest by providing a simple and fast service

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image of franchise icon


Know the ins and outs of every branch from any location

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Cloud Kitchen

Cloud Kitchen

Order food from a cloud kitchen and enjoy your meal.

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Every Foodics app is built to meet the needs of today’s restaurateurs and business owners.

image of point of sale icon


Install and update easily, and automatically syncs offline data

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image of employee time sheet icon

Employee Timesheet

Improve staff productivity and reduce customer complaints

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image of waiter digital menu icon

Waiter Digital Menu

Go green and display a vivid and engaging menu list

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image of inventory management icon

Inventory Management

Monitor inventory levels and never lose track of your stock

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image of call center management icon

Call Center Management

Increase sales and store valuable customer information

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image of kitchen display system icon

Kitchen Display System

Avoid order mistakes and delays and increase efficiency in the kitchen

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image of table management icon

Table Management

Maximize table turnaround rate and customer experience

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image of smart analytics and reports icon

Smart Analytics and Reports

Make the most of Big Data with
real-time analytics and reports

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TIP 78% of restaurateurs check their sales data and metrics daily. Discover Foodics intelligence reports today.
  • Secure Cloud

    A Cloud You Can Trust

    Simple to set up, easy to update, and no software to maintain.

    The Foodics team manages it behind the scenes and makes sure you are protected all the time.

  • signal_wifi_off

    Offline Mode

    No WiFi, No Problem

    Don't worry if there is a glitch in your WiFi or you're in a remote location with no internet access.

    Foodics will keep powering through, connecting all the data and syncing it once you're back online.

  • Regular Updates

    Regular System Updates

    Our updates keep the system current for your experience and improved performance.

    We listen to our clients and keep a close eye on trends so that our system works best for your business.

  • Big Data Analysis

    Uncover Patterns and Trends

    Foodics has the ability to uncover patterns and correlations in the market trends that would be highly beneficial for your businesses.

    You will never have to wonder when the right time for a promotion or menu update is again.

  • apps

    Third Party Apps

    Integrate with Any App

    Take it to the next level with flexible means of integrating third-party apps to help you run your business smoother and faster.

    Foodics integrations include online delivery services, accounting, business intelligence and much more.

  • import_export

    Data Import / Export

    Take Control of Your Data

    All data collected by Foodics can be imported and exported into multiple data formats.

    Anyone in your team will easily understand all the important analytics and statistics of your business and know what to do with the information.

24/7 Support

Our team works around the clock to offer constant support whenever needed. Don’t be shy to ask for help, they’re super friendly

Multi-Language Arabic, English and Turkish

Our apps support multiple languages and allow users to interact with more than one language

Customer Training

We offer one-to-one training for our customers with our own professionally trained experts

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