Kitchen Display Screen (KDS)

Streamline your kitchen operations with Foodics’ Kitchen Display Screen (KDS), the secret ingredient to faster and more efficient meal preparation.

Excellence Starts From Your Kitchen

Crafting Multi-Station Workflows With Balanced Distribution in Mind

  • Design workflows for single or multi-station kitchen

  • Define the station arrangement for items that need more than one workstation to be prepared

  • Distribute orders of different or similar food categories across multiple stations to ensure the best load balancing

Enhanced Android Display for Flawless Meal Preparation

  • Equip your kitchen with the suitable Android display (or displays) that fit in to provide a comfortable view for all the staff

  • Differentiate between orders by utilizing various order and notes display options, filtering functions, and distinct colors to avoid delays and mistakes

Powerful System Reports to Remove Bottlenecks & Optimize Operations

  • Get real-time reports of order processing time at each workstation

  • Know the level of productivity of each member of your kitchen team

  • Identify the root causes of slowdowns in preparation and obstacles to maintaining quality and successfully tackle them

Elevate Your Kitchen Operations With..

Kitchen Devices That Stand the Test of Time

  • Create a cooking workspace powered by tech that can withstand heat and grease and require little maintenance

  • Skip the touch screens in favor of robust big buttons and control devices engineered for the demanding kitchen environment

Smart Choice for More Savings

  • Eliminate paper slips from your operational workflow and your restaurant’s budget too!

  • Display incoming orders using any of a variety of smart Android displays/tablets with the right size and reasonable price

Kitchen’s Efficiency Redefined

  • Receive all orders coming from inside and outside the restaurant to your kitchen directly and without the need to punch them again on the POS

  • Minimize order inaccuracies by automating the process of handling and organizing incoming orders instead of relying on paper slips

  • Maintain a real-time communication channel between FOH and BOH personnel for any important updates and order adjustments

Bypassing Paper and Grease for a Cleaner Kitchen

  • Promote superior restaurant hygiene by eliminating the need to exchange physical paper slips

  • Say goodbye to greasy screens thanks to reliable and clean input tools

  • Enjoy a smaller carbon footprint for your restaurant by going paperless

Versatility and Simplicity Guaranteed

A suitable and affordable solution for restaurants of all types and sizes
Fully integrated solution that works seamlessly with other components of Foodics ecosystem: Cashier App, Self-Ordering, Foodics Online, and Notifier Display
An easy-to-install solution that can be supplied and activated in a single day
*Control and input devices can be procured from specialty electronics stores

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