Pay at table by Foodics

Zero Delay for Your Customers to Pay!

Pay at Table solution gives your guests the ability to check and pay their bills directly from their tables.

Pay at Table offers Many Advantages
Convenience, Efficiency & Speed

Big Time Saver for You & Your Guests

Faster Payment Procedure

By enabling customers to pay by themselves without the waiter’s intervention

Increased Table Turnover

Boosting your profits by saving approximately 15 minutes per table

Automated Efficiency & Accuracy

By eliminating manual entry and ensuring every transaction updates instantly at the cashier

Customer-Friendly Payment Experience

  • Flexible Payment Splitting

    Allowing diners to split their bill equally or according to custom amounts

  • Synchronized Payment System

    Real-time updates on split orders to allow multiple users to proceed with mobile payment simultaneously without overpayment concerns

  • Ready Tip Suggestions

    Providing clear amounts and percentages to choose from and add to the bill directly without the hassle of making calculations or paying in cash

  • Digital Receipt Management

    Guests can easily view, download, or opt for an eco-friendly email receipt

Speak Your Guests’ Language

Bilingual Interface Support

With English and Arabic support

Intuitive User Experience

Through a single-page design that guarantees a smooth payment journey and reduces potential errors

Savvy Savings Display

Encouraging repeat visits by showing the discounts, coupons, and promotions applied to the bills

Modern & Safe Payment Technologies

  • Modern Payment Modes

    Supporting QR codes and NFC tags to offer diners multiple mobile payment options

Your Performance through Your Customer’s Eyes

  • Boosting Favorable Reviews

    Increased likelihood of receiving positive Google feedback through an instant link after payment

Unmissable Benefits of Pay at Table Solution!

Seamless Cashier Integration

Instantly displaying the payment status, together with

Ready without Subscription

You only need to activate the service

Synced Digital Menu

Accessible via browser or as a PDF, fully controlled by you

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