Marketing Strategies For Restaurants To Adopt In Rush Hour

Marketing Strategies For Restaurants

Two years after the pandemic, people are eagerly waiting for any event to whoop it up! Holidays and big events are usually good opportunities for restaurants to boost profits. The time has finally come for not just any event, but THE EVENT everybody excitingly waits for every 4 years; The Fifa World Cup!

This sporting event is the most anticipated by restaurateurs; the biggest fans of football fans. What makes the World Cup special is that not only does it attract regular football fans, but also almost everyone else, it’s part of its magic. During this time, many people will be on the lookout for restaurants to watch the games while enjoying a hearty meal.

In this article, we will discuss 6 marketing strategies for restaurants that will help you entertain and attract as many football lovers as possible. These ideas can easily be implemented in any other event or holiday. 

1. Get Creative With World Cup-Themed Events

Football is all about competitiveness and fun. This is why it’s a great idea to run themed games and activities to stand out from the crowd. 

Perhaps you could put together World Cup quizzes that customers can try and solve before the match or at halftime. You can implement gamification strategies with themes related to the events you are hosting within your restaurant mobile app to engage customers and drive them to spend more by rewarding them with points and badges.

If you own a small and cozy restaurant, hosting safe and fun betting events would be a great idea. For instance, you can invite a certain number of customers to bet on a winning team. Losers have to drink or eat something spicy or sour in front of everyone and winners get a free appetizer! It’s fun and adds even more competitiveness to the atmosphere which is exactly what football lovers are fond of.

2. Offers and Discounts

Offers, discounts, and special promotions are great tools commonly used in marketing strategies for restaurants to get people through your restaurant door, especially during the World Cup.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Loyalty discounts: Encourage your customers to return for the next match by offering discounts through stamp cards or points they collect on your restaurant app with each visit and every order they make.

  • In-Game discounts: These are fun discounts on drinks or appetizers that are announced during the game each time a goal is scored and the offers only last for a limited amount of time during the match. This one will definitely drive sales.

  • Social media competitions: Arrange giveaways on your social media platforms to reach new potential customers and increase engagement on your pages.

3. Your Menu Must Be As Exciting As The Event

Spice up your menu by adding World Cup-themed match-day profitable snacks such as nachos, mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings, and other finger-licking yummy bites.

If your regular menu offers a lot of different toppings, you can take advantage of this specialty and create toppings that represent famous countries playing in the tournament. 

You can also create special World Cup bundles that customers can pre-order, generating sales before the rush hour even starts.

Evidently, a good percentage of people are watching the games from the comfort of their homes. Therefore, if you provide a delivery service, it’s your time to shine! People often watch important matches in groups, and gatherings like these go hand-in-hand with food.

Make sure to include large bundles in your online menu to make it easier for customers to make bulky orders and to entice them to choose your restaurant in the first place. Get creative with the names of the combos to correspond with the World Cup theme.

4. Get Rid Of Distractions

To win at hosting the World Cup at your restaurant, you have to understand what your customers are looking for. They want comfort, fewer distractions, more enthusiasm, and delicious food and drinks.

We’ve already covered the food and drinks part so let’s jump into comfort.

Inarguably, couches are more comfortable than chairs. So if your space is big enough to squeeze in some couches without compromising too much on the seating capacity, it would be a great way to draw in customers who otherwise prefer to stay home because they prioritize comfort over anything else.

Now, let’s talk about annoying distractions that can worsen the viewing experience. As a restaurant owner, you must stay up-to-date with the latest services that help create a better customer experience. When your customers are watching the game, the last thing they want is a waiter blocking the view or mishearing their orders due to all of the surrounding noise. 

This is where our Self-ordering kiosk, The Foodics Kiosk, and our new Pay At Table service come in handy. Customers can order their food and pay the check without having to call the waiter each time they need something. This will undoubtedly help you avoid a lot of unwanted distractions during the match, combat the rush and be on top of your game regarding customer service.

5. More Screens! And Yes, Size Does Matter

The biggest turn-off while watching a match in a restaurant is a small screen or not enough screens overall. It is crucial to ensure customer satisfaction when it comes to the viewing experience, Otherwise, they won’t return for the next game. LED screens are ideal, they are usually larger and help create the closest experience possible to watching the game live from the stadium. 

However, If you find that LED screens may not vibe with the style of your restaurant on regular days, you could use a projector that will allow you to adjust the screen size and can easily be hidden when it’s not needed. Projectors are also more affordable if you’re on a budget.

6. Go Big On The Decorations

It sounds like an obvious suggestion, however, it is important to highlight the impact you can make with your World Cup decorations. Your place should be shouting out loud: COME ON IN!

Aside from the decorations, make sure to put up posters to call attention to the different promotions and events you are holding at your place. Moreover, use your sound system to blast the match sound and World Cup-related songs to make your place even more attractive.


To summarize, any major event or holiday can be intimidating and exciting for restaurant owners. The best way to keep your restaurant running smoothly and flourishing simultaneously is to implement marketing strategies that will help you in the moment and in the long run. Restaurant management should always be planned ahead, that’s how success is sought.

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