Fruits360 empowers F&B businesses to make informed decisions based on their data allowing them to access advanced analytical reports, streamline operations, accelerate the decision-making process, and extract deeper insights that will boost sales and rein in costs!

Decision Making Is A Piece Of Fruit

App Details

Fruits360 is a cutting-edge SaaS product that connects directly to your Point of Sale (POS) system, providing you and your team with a detailed overview of all business aspects using the power of AI.
Make proactive decisions about operations, inventory, marketing & sales in real-time to increase efficiency while cutting costs – ultimately helping maximize sales through deep dives into advanced analytics.

App Features

  • View detailed analysis of sales, complete with filters and charts
  • Oversee revenue & payments
  • Get restaurant reports by the hour, day, and year
  • Understand customer behavior through advanced analysis
  • Forecast using AI to increase sales and reduce waste
  • Analyze business operations, performance, forecasting & more
  • Reconcile with food aggregators and delivery apps financially
  • Access faster, more accurate & efficient business reports


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