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Downloading Orders From Console

To download orders from the console: Tap on Orders button at the bottom of the register page. Tap on Sync button. Select the needed date.

Filtering orders

To filter orders you need to access the Orders History screen, tap on the Orders button at the bottom of the register page then tap

Adding House Account Transaction

There are two types of house account transactions: 1. Credit: this transaction can be added by paying for an order using the House Account payment

Managing Tables

To arrange tables: Tap on Tables bottun at the bottom of the register page. Tap on Edit at the top right corner, now you can

Syncing Data

There are three types of sync in the cashier app: Sync Users: This is found at the login screen. You can use it to sync

Device Branch Changed

This error is caused by changing the branch of the license to another branch, make sure that all data has been uploaded to the console,

An SSL Error

This error is most likely due to an error in the network configuration of your device and it is recommended to reset the network settings.

The Request Timed Out

This error is most likely related to your network connection, so it is recommended to disconnect the network and connect again. To do that, from

Connect Error Offline

When you receive the error Connect Error Offline from one of the connected devices in the Cashier (Printer, KDS, etc..), follow these steps to fix

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