Inventory Management

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Inventory Transactions from Orders

All Inventory Transactions are completed in the Console except 3 transactions from Orders. They are called Order Transactions and they are three types: 1. Consumption

Managing Warehouses

With Foodics, you can manage warehouses in a few steps: Create a new warehouse: Select “Inventory” from the sidebar. Click on “More”, then select “Warehouses”.

How to Adjust My Inventory

In the Console > Inventory > More : You will find there are 2 types of adjustment transactions: 1. Quantity Adjustment: You can use this

How to Produce Inventory Items

You can produce inventory items that have other inventory items as ingredients. In the Console > Inventory > Production: Click om New Production button. Select

Return Purchased Items to Supplier

Sometimes you might need to return inventory items to the supplier if the received amount did not fit your needs or you encountered quality issues

Purchasing Transaction

You can make Purchasing Transactions to add inventory items to your branch or warehouse and receive an invoice for these items. During the transaction drafting,

How to Create a Transfer Order

A Transfer Order is a request from warehouse to send inventory items to another branch or warehouse. Once you have all your inventory items and

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