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Introduction FineDine Menu is a menu management system that allows restaurateurs to create e-menus, increase sales, decrease operational costs, facilitating a more accurate ordering process.


Introduction Oditar ERP is a cloud ERP that covers all your company’s needs: Accounting, Inventory, Sales, CRM, e-Commerce, Project Management, etc. Oditar ERP unique value


Introduction Zyda helps restaurants and retais stores in launching their own commission-free online ordering system in just 24 hours. Zyda is already empowering +1,000 businesses


Introduction Wssel is an online ordering and delivery service operating in Saudi Arabia, where customers can make online orders through Wssel Mobile App Wssel allows


Introduction TmmT Technology is an Instant e-delivery app that allow customers to order whatever they want and get it instantly. We are helping restaurants reach


Introduction An advanced branded online ordering system for your restaurant! Go online! Your restaurant can now have its own app and website and you can

Swift Order

Introduction Swift Order is a mobile application that helps customers placing an order to your store in a very simple manner Determine store location Place


Introduction Order is an online platform that allows you to create a website and mobile application for your restaurant to receive orders from your customers

Nugttah Pick up & Loyalty

Introduction Nugttah allows owners to create custom loyalty programs in minutes and enable customers to place pickup orders and pay ahead. Our solution connects business

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