4 Must-Have POS Features for Your Restaurant

A lot of restaurant industry professionals will attribute the POS (point of sales) system as being the heart pumping life to their entire restaurant. This is why a lot of restaurant owners and entrepreneurs leave no stone unturned when searching for the best POS system. It is also not a coincidence that POS devices are becoming more and more advanced by adding high-tech features that boost a restaurant’s growth, increase sales, and profits.

As a restaurant owner, you want a POS device that will allow you to perform several services instead of one. The more the POS does, the less you do. With the right POS, you can spend your time managing and running your restaurant while your POS takes care of all the rest.

So, which POS system is best equipped to help you face those day-to-day challenges and enhance customer experience? Foodics POS is the answer! Packed with amazing features, Foodics POS is an all-encompassing cloud-based smart POS.
Here are 4 excellent Foodics POS features that you need to have in your restaurant:

Inventory Management

One of the worst things you can have happen to you as a restaurant owner is to find out that your kitchen has run out of a certain item or ingredient. It can put a dent into your whole working day and affect your sales and profits negatively That is why you want the Foodics POS system, which tracks your inventory down to the pickle, and never loses track of your stock.

You will also be able to track your kitchen inventory on the go, wherever you are, whenever you want because Foodics POS is a cloud-based system, meaning it will store your data online, and allow you to access it on the go. Good inventory management will also allow you to set “critical stock level” limits and will notify you when you’ve neared those limits.

Smooth Front-House Management

The whole point of choosing the best POS system for restaurants is to improve your businesses by improving customer experience. One aspect of achieving a better customer experience is to manage how the customer sits, eats, and pays. Foodics POS will allow you to manage your restaurant atmosphere and allocate seating arrangements to your customers while increasing table turnaround, and achieving an extraordinary customer experience.

Foodics POS supports special payment features through its system. With features like Foodics Pay, you can allow customers to pay for their order however they want. They can pay through their mobile phone, bank card, Apple Pay, STC Pay, and more. This further enhances the customer experience by providing a variety of payment methods.

Smart Insights and Analytics

Insights into customers’ wants and needs are essential if you are serious about growing your sales and profits. Through insights and analytics, you learn not only about your customers, but all restaurant activity from the moment the customers walk in to the inner workings of the kitchen.

Our All-in-One Cloud-based restaurant POS software allows you to track and store customer insight on your systems. With this technology, you can always come back and check on your insights, and learn about which of your items sell the most, and which ones are least liked by your clientele and regulars. This way you’ll examine which products your customers want and which items need to change, ultimately reducing your waste.

But that’s not all, another cool feature is that Foodics’ smart POS system will store customers’ orders. So that way, you will know what a customer will order as soon as they walk into your restaurant. Thus improving their overall experience.

User-Friendly Interface

An easy-to-use device and software is one key feature your POS device needs to have. This means having a user-friendly interface with friendly touchscreen features, and visual graphics, so that you can reduce the number of errors, or mistakes, that come with tracking and taking orders. This will also allow you to modify your purchasing decisions based on your sales statistics and your customer insights.

Having a bad POS system in your restaurant can chew away at your profits. If you are a restaurant owner or restaurant entrepreneur, you need to have the best POS system in your establishment, as it is the starting point, and the endpoint, of your entire organization.

Contact us to get a pricing for an all-encompassing Foodics POS smart system for your restaurant today!

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