9 Reasons Why Self-Service Kiosks Are The Future Of Ordering

future of self service kiosks

Self-service kiosks are a breakthrough in the latest ordering trends. They maintain modern customers’ values with rapidly shifting restaurant vogues. Self-service kiosks have the sheer capability of evolving your enterprise into a practical manifestation of efficiency and profitability by simplifying the challenge of handling many customers. Also considering their capacity of bolstering the revenue through fast ordering and instant payments, self-ordering kiosks are on the verge of transforming the future of restaurant ordering.

What are self-service kiosks?

A self-service kiosk usually consists of an interactive touch screen with an easy-to-use interface. The restaurant menu display can guide consumers for seamless ordering- from choosing meals to quick payment and self-service. Restaurants can now prompt their new food items, promotions or deals while saving the cost of reprinting their menu cards.

Self-service kiosks can also empower customers to scan and customize their meals without waiting for any cashier or waiter and save time through self-checkout.

Self-ordering kiosks are vital for every modern restaurant

Self-service kiosks aren’t something new! Many famous restaurants found an edge over their counterparts by using ‘Bill Payment Kiosks’ before the pandemic. McDonalds was first to take the lead and reported a lift of 5% to 6% in sales in their franchises with self-service kiosks. 

With the looming reemergence of COVID-19, many restaurants are counting on online ordering and contactless payments to keep their customers safe and improve the dining experience. Restaurant kiosks usher accurate orders, eliminate human errors, and quickly improve restaurant capacity by accepting more orders at peak hours – increasing the restaurant’s revenue. 

self-service kiosks future of ordering restaurants

Why should restaurants consider using self-service kiosks?

A restaurant can get custom kiosks that go perfectly well with a point-of-sale (POS) solution. Read on to learn more.

1. Touch screen kiosks improve business efficiency

Quick service restaurants aim to improve customer experience with automated digital ordering and payment processes. The kiosks help reduce queues/wait-time, allow customers to place their orders quickly, work optimally during peak hours and increase restaurants’ capacity for accepting more orders, bringing more revenue.

Foodics kiosks are simple, can be easily installed, and offer flexible payment options.

2. Targeted upselling and cross-selling

Customers tend to order 30% higher value orders due to freehand ordering and privacy offered by self-service kiosks. A diner can get to know which added items can flatter the meal along with any offered deal on the meals. Kiosks enable customers to easily decide what to order as a side without sifting through the complete menu using pre-programmed options based on popular picks or the customer’s previous order history.

3. Digital kiosks can help reduce business costs

Even before Covid-19 startled everyone, the Food and Beverage industry was experiencing a labour shortage. Labor costs add up to 15%-25% on the product cost. Restaurant owners do not need to increase their service team, as digital kiosks are self-sufficient in managing rush hours. Therefore, you do not need to hire more staff and spend on their salaries and other benefits. With self-service kiosks, you’ll be able to mobilize your resources, whether financial or human, more effectively. 

4. Promote consumer privacy and security

The self-checkout kiosks serve the modern needs of consumers’ security and privacy. With the help of digital kiosks, customers place orders without any third-person involvement.

5. Bolster employee satisfaction

Once self-service kiosks are functioning, employees’ efficiency enhances due to lesser burden even during peak time congestions. A self-ordering kiosk directly sends an order to the Kitchen Display Screen, cashier and notifier, thereby eliminating any order mistakes. Digital automation frees up a significant number of employees to be split up into different shifts. You can cut down additional staffing costs without compromising on customer experience.

6. Boost your restaurant sales

Perhaps digital kiosks are the most appealing marketing tool to uptick your restaurant sales by leaning customers toward buying more than they have planned. You can easily stimulate trying out new deals with exciting discounts and packages for your customers. It’s a win-win situation, diners get value for their money, and you can boost your bottom line.

7. Ensure better customer experience

Customers have grown non-negotiable expectations for convenience, efficiency and availability of everything in a few clicks. Dine-in or takeaway, customers can skip long queues and get to order and make payments in lesser time.

8. Provides valuable insights about customer’s ordering preferences

The data produced by custom kiosks can help restaurateurs get insight into customer behaviour. With reliable metrics, you can tweak promotions on menus and deals, facilitating a top-notch user experience. In addition, digital kiosks can help you adjust your business model by utilizing information about customer trends, habits, and feedback.

9. Works as an exceptional promotional tool

Self-service kiosks can leg up your restaurant business as most of your diners prefer to try out new technology and experience new ways of self-ordering. You can add tech-touch to your restaurant ambience with a Counter-top or Tower kiosk having modern design details appealing to the younger generation. 

self-service kiosks

Self-ordering kiosks are the keystones for digital transformation in quick-service restaurants and small businesses. They ensure diner’s convenience for quick food ordering and offer them the flexibility to dine in or take away. 

However, you can only get to hit the desired revenue cap if you’ve got the right kiosk solution for your restaurant needs.

How to choose the right kiosk for your restaurant?

Until now, the benefits of having kiosks for your restaurant are evident but choosing the right kiosk is necessary too. Packed with robust features, Foodics Kiosks is an indispensable innovation for every modern restaurant.

Remote Management: Foodics kiosk comes with a specialized system dashboard that enables restaurant owners to update the menu from a single dashboard You can also control multiple kiosks simultaneously from the same dashboard.

Menu Display: Self-service kiosk supports easily addable menu modifiers and enhances up-selling or cross-selling prompts thereby increasing restaurant revenue.

Targeted Marketing: With custom kiosks, your restaurant can offer a customized customer experience, store user data for future ordering purposes, as well as helps in launching targeted marketing. 

Contactless payment options: Foodics kiosks come with an integrated card reader that enables customers to make payments on their own thus eliminating the dependence on restaurant staff.


The pandemic and labor shortages have thrown restaurant owners a curveball, altering consumer expectations and raising customer standards. The self-service kiosks can liberate technology for users to enjoy convenience, freedom and efficiency in customizing orders. Whether restaurants aim for returning customers or better revenue, self-service kiosks are the cutting-edge solution to keep your restaurant competitive in an ever-changing market.

Foodics Team

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