Elevate Your Checkout Experience with Foodics’ Customer Display Screen

What are you looking for in your restaurant?

  • Increasing transparency and reducing the chances of errors or misunderstandings?

  • Streamlining your restaurant’s ordering process?

  • Enhancing your customers’ ordering & payment experience?


What if I told you that you can achieve all of the above using only one device; the “Customer Display Screen!”

What is a Customer Display Screen?

A customer display is a screen or monitor that enhances the checkout experience by allowing customers to confirm their order, view prices and items, and even make payments directly on the screen. It is a valuable tool for restaurants and other businesses that use a POS system hardware to process transactions and manage inventory. 

How Can a Customer Display Screen Help Your Restaurant?

A Customer Display Screen can offer a multitude of benefits to restaurants, such as:


  • Improved accuracy

A customer-facing display allows customers to see their order details in real time, reducing the risk of errors.

  • Increased efficiency

By allowing customers to see their order details and make any necessary changes before they are sent to the kitchen for preparation, a POS customer display can help streamline the ordering process and reduce wait times.

  • Better customer experience

A POS customer display can enhance the customer experience by giving customers greater control over their orders and ensuring they receive what they request.

Which Customer Display Screen Should You Be Using?

Meet the Foodics Customer Display Screen


This multi-functional display, which is integrated with Foodics’ POS, is designed to keep your operations streamlined and customers satisfied. It doesn’t just function as an order-checking tool, but also as a contactless payment interface, thus eliminating the need for a separate device and keeping your cashier station simple and organized.  


Here’s why it’s the perfect solution for your restaurant:

Builds Customer Loyalty

The Foodics Customer Display Screen is engineered to build customer loyalty through an exceptional checkout experience. It accelerates order acceptance, improves efficiency, and reduces wait times, thanks to its NFC-enabled display. This results in a faster checkout, ensuring a seamless flow of transactions that keeps the line moving.

In addition, the display screen has the capability to show customers the full details of their orders in real time. This transparency helps in eliminating mistakes, thereby enhancing accuracy in order processing and boosting customer satisfaction.

Offers a Tap to Pay Solution for a Seamless Experience

It also goes a step further by offering a tap-to-pay feature (currently available in KSA only). You’ll be able to power up your POS with direct tap-to-pay transactions using all major credit/debit cards, Apple/Google/Samsung Pay, and smart watches. This feature not only offers convenience to your customers but also increases efficiency at the checkout counter.

Ensures Daily Settlements with Foodics Pay

The Display Screen supports daily settlements for your payments with Foodics Pay (currently available in KSA only), ensuring a smooth cash flow for your business.

Provides a Superior Experience from the First Interaction

It’ll increase your customers’ loyalty by offering a seamless experience right from their very first interaction with your restaurant or cafe. A streamlined on-site ordering experience not only enhances the overall dining experience, making it more comfortable, but also increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Wrapping Things Up

A customer display screen is a crucial tool in restaurants, acting as the first point of interaction. It ensures clear communication between customers and cashiers, thereby enhancing satisfaction by providing all necessary information – order details and cost – enabling swift and successful order completion.

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Sherine Omar