Zero Delay for Your Customers to Pay: Introducing Foodics Pay at Table solution

In the dynamic world of the restaurant industry, where efficiency and customer experience are key, the payment process comes as a significant part and parcel of each. With traditional methods often being slow and inconvenient, there is a need for a solution that can enhance the dining experience and speed up the checkout process.

The Challenge: Traditional Payment Methods

Traditional payment methods can be cumbersome and time-consuming, requiring the waiter’s intervention and possibly leading to errors. In the digital age, customers expect a more streamlined, quick, and flexible payment experience.

The Solution: Foodics' Pay at Table Solution

Recognizing these challenges, Foodics has introduced its latest product – the Pay at Table solution. This new payment processing solution is designed to transform the way restaurants handle payments, focusing on a faster checkout process and an improved dining experience.

How Pay at Table Works

Activating the Pay at Table solution starts by placing QR codes or NFC tags on each table so that restaurant guests can perform mobile payment by scanning the code or bringing their phones close to the tag to get a detailed bill directly on their screens, with an embedded capability to fulfill the payment in seconds without waiting for a waiter’s assistance.

Moreover, the user will be able to split the bill and pay tips to the waiters directly through the same page.

Most importantly, Pay at Table is inherently integrated with the Cashier app, which guarantees for the restaurant owner real-time payment updates in the system without any human intervention. 

Enhancing the Dining Experience

The Pay at Table solution provides customers with a flexible and easy payment experience. It allows restaurant patrons to split their bills equally or in different amounts per their preference, enabling them to make synchronized payments without errors. As for the tip, the guest will find it displayed in front of them as a percentage and value of the total bill total, relieving them from the hassle of calculating it, with the option to add it to the bill with one click, saving them the trouble of finding the appropriate cash amount.

The Unmissable Benefits of Pay at Table Solution!

Efficiency and Time Management

By enabling customers to handle their mobile payments themselves, the Pay at Table solution reduces the need for waiter intervention, freeing up your staff for other tasks. This system can increase table turnover by saving valuable time, leading to increased profits.

Improved Customer Experience

The Pay at Table solution offers a streamlined and flexible checkout experience for diners. It enables patrons to split their bill either equally or in custom amounts, facilitating error-free mobile payments. Additionally, tip calculations are conveniently displayed as both a percentage and a SAR amount, eliminating the need for manual computation. Guests can then effortlessly add the tip to their bill with a single click, avoiding the hassle of finding exact change.


Finally, to promote eco-friendliness and safeguard against loss, guests have the option to email the bill to themselves for future reference, rather than receiving a paper printout.

Multilingual Support

With support for both English and Arabic, the Pay at Table solution is designed to cater to a diverse customer base. 

Secure and Modern Payment Methods

The Pay at Table solution supports modern mobile payment methods like QR codes and NFC tags, providing a variety of quick and secure payment options for customers.

Customer Feedback
The Pay at Table solution provides an instant link for Google Review after payment, helping you gain more visible positive feedback about your restaurant

In a Nutshell

The Pay at Table solution from Foodics is not merely a payment processing solution; it’s a strategy to boost restaurant earnings and enhance customer satisfaction through a novel and advantageous payment approach that can be enabled at no cost and without ongoing fees.

Sherine Omar