Ballurh is a business intelligence cloud-based SaaS that seamlessly integrates with local POS systems to build comprehensive actionable insights from joined-up data for F&B retailers to enhance profitable decision-making and improve customer satisfaction

Crystal Clear Decisions

App Details

Ballurh is a cloud-based BI SaaS for F&B that helps you optimize performance and drive growth instantly. It provides advanced visualization, analytics, and smart recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your business.

Ballurh integrates seamlessly with Foodics POS system, provides customizable dashboards and real-time analysis, and is designed with predictive and prescriptive capabilities.

In short, Ballurh is a powerful BI SaaS that can help you improve your F&B business in a variety of ways.

App Features

  • Manage advanced analytics modules with a user-friendly designed dashboard
  • Monitor Menu’s performance based on easy-to-understand data
  • Promote new bundles and packages that your customers prefer
  • Achieve sales targets and exceed KPIs by setting and tracking sales goals on a daily, monthly and annual basis
  • Understand your customer’s behavior consumption according to how they buy


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