Supy helps restaurants cut costs, eliminate food waste, and boost profits using back-of-house data & automation.

Your Back-Of-House Spending, Controlled.

App Details

Supy is a data-driven restaurant inventory management platform designed to streamline a restaurant’s operations, help cut costs, and boost profits. Supy’s best-in-class, interconnected modules – namely smart procurement, inventory management, menu engineering, data & analytics, invoices & settlements, and central kitchen – enable back-of-house data to flow seamlessly, helping operators monitor key metrics and take informed decisions fast.

The Foodics x Supy partnership enables operators to connect their Foodics POS to Supy’s inventory to automate the import of sales data and deplete your inventory accurately and in real time. Operators can connect as many Foodics POS systems to as many Supy inventories across branches to ensure the centralization of sales data, the accurate depletion of ingredients and the free flow of data.

App Features

  • Restaurant Inventory Management Software : Count your stock 3X faster, find and solve discrepancies easily, and save hours of work using alerts, automation, and data.
  • Smart Procurement : Accelerate your buying process with Supy’s mobile app, avoid shortages with Par-Level-based automated ordering recommendations, and identify cost-reducing buying opportunities using powerful supplier performance & procurement analytics.
  • Invoices & Settlements : Accelerate your restaurant invoice recording process, boost receiving & inventory accuracy, & manage statements of account easily to take back control of your supplier payments.
  • Menu & Recipes Engineering : Enter precise items and quantities to replicate recipes easily, link real-time ingredient price to recipes to never sell at a loss, and find the price that’s right for both you and your customers with our cost simulator.
  • Restaurant Analytics Software : Take data-driven decisions using our suite of built-in, interactive restaurant dashboards powered by real-time data. Gain in-depth insights onto the health of your food business, and take action.



Support Countries

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Joran, India, and Egypt

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