Sanad alleviates the burden of the accounting programs and managing accounting employees, and gives you access to an accounting dashboard through which you can monitor the accounting details, and also provides a work team to supervise the progress of your work.

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Sanad is an integrated business management system for SMEs that are looking for an easy and integrated solution in accounting transactions, using a powerful multi-featured platform and a set of integrated tools that help in sending invoices, collecting money, and reminding customers to pay their bills at the specified times.

App Features

    • Economic: Subscribe to Sanad service and save more than 75% of the cost of accounting management and direct employment
    • Reliable: Sanad guarantees to provide you with a professional accounting team in your type of activity
    • Easy: Sanad does not require training, accounting experience, or employment, as it takes the trouble of accounting for you
    • Connected: No need to change the billing method as Sanad is already linked with Foodics
    • Comprehensive: Sanad provides financial and accounting reports to help you make a decision
    • Available: Keep track of your business anytime using any browser or mobile device



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