Florinz is a Saudi technology company that offers you a set of systems or cloud marketing solutions to enable you to increase communication with your customers.

The best marketing systems in KSA

App Details

This integration will allow your business to receive orders from your Florinz-powered digital menu and online ordering directly to your Foodics Cashier app, which expands the channels of your business and reduces the wasted manpower doing repetitive work.

App Features

  • Access to reports that help you understand your audience.
  • Our systems support an infinite number of branches independently.
  • We provide you with integrated systems with instant follow-up and a 24-hour technical team.
  • Our systems are available in many languages to make it easier for everyone to use.
  • Our systems provide multiple privileges for each of your team’s job descriptions.
  • You can analyze the data of all your customers with various filters.
  • Florinz systems are compatible with many local and international systems.
  • Florinz systems are connected to SMS and email portals to target your customers through them.
  • Through the systems, you can manage successful marketing campaigns for your facilities, because they support the pixel code feature.


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