ShopBrain is a top-of-the-line system designed for restaurants. By utilizing cloud-based technology, ShopBrain streamlines all back-of-house operations, including inventory management, procurement, production, and forecasting.

The Engine of Growing Your F&B Business

App Details

You can simply import your Foodics data to your ShopBrain account automatically by activating the app from Foodics Marketplace. With a few clicks, you can easily get the right forecast for your coming revenues as well as for the demand of all your menu items and ingredients. Therefore, you order what your business needs without waste or stockouts.

ShopBrain helps you add events related to your business, like marketing campaigns, offers, and certain occasions that impact your sales, then reflect that on your demand patterns. Our intelligent platform allows you to optimize your operations and capture any chance for reducing inventory costs and increasing sales

App Features

  1. Gain complete control of your back-of-house operations with AI-supported indicators that help you cut costs and increase profits.
  2. Be ahead of the game with ShopBrain’s demand and revenue forecasting. Ensure timely purchasing for peak sales and maximize your growth potential.
  3. Keep your costs stable with a focus on cost variability in internal steps like production and waste. Purchase, budget, and make strategic decisions with ease and precision.
  4. Order what you need, when you need it with ease. Manage suppliers and keep track of transfers between locations to ensure smooth operations


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