Emotional Marketing: Essential Strategy for Your Restaurant

It seems a bit foreign to mention emotions when thinking of marketing your restaurant/café; however, emotions play an integral part in relating to your clientele and establishing a genuine connection between them and your brand.

This approach encourages you to further humanize your brand by playing on different kinds of emotions and showing consumers that your restaurant/café not only satisfies their needs but establishes a personal bond with them. 

Why Is Emotional Marketing Important?

When the casual customer is emotionally engaged to your brand, he/she becomes your biggest advocate. Latest researches on this topic highlights the behavior of customers towards their favorite brands:

  • More likely to recommend the product/service;
  • Higher chance of repurchasing;
  • Loyal with low-risk of shifting brands;
  • Less sensitive about pricing.

How to Make Use of Emotional Marketing in Your Business?

So, how can you appeal to your audience through emotions? It all comes down to personalized advertising. Take the product or service you want to advertise and place yourself in the shoes of your audience in order to understand how to market it. This way, your strategy will definitely evoke a response from your audience, which leads to a call to action. 

Emotional marketing also requires you to tap into your audience’s desires, going past the core emotions and establishing a deeper brand connection. For this to be effective, your ads and/or campaigns must tell a story in a human or personal way. You must truly understand both your target audience and your brand’s identity in order to choose the best strategy out of the 5 for your business:

  • Inspirational approach: associate your brand with an idea or influencer that people look up to and believe in. 
  • Aspirational approach: Tap into your audience’s goals, dreams, and desire to enjoy a certain lifestyle. Sell the experience of your restaurant not only the products. 
  • Emotional approach: humanize your business by forming a “love” connection with your customers. For example, Exotica’s mother’s day campaign centered on the mother’s love towards her kids with a slogan saying, “Mom is proud, No matter what”. 
  • Milestones: Emphasize on the milestones you have achieved with the help of your loyal customers and include exclusive awards;
  • Community: Focus your marketing strategy on the community in which you offer your services. Appeal to their sense of belonging and let them know that you respect it.

With all that being said, keep in mind that more emotionally-engaged customers will expect more from you. Businesses are expected to anticipate their needs, make more product suggestions, and most importantly, create various loyalty strategies.

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