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All The Features You Need To Run Your Restaurant

Have an in-depth look at all the different features available within Foodics that will surely elevate your business and bring simplicity to your management.

CRM (Customer Relationship Manager)

Collect your customers’ data and easily edit information or add more than one address. Get insight on their purchases and tailor your menu based on their preferences and purchasing habits.

Menu Engineering

Get a full scale analysis of your menu based on each menu item’s performance. Keep track of your menu’s profitability, sales, popularity, profit and much more. With this kind of information, you will be able to adapt your inventory strategy, menu, and promotions to increase efficiency.

Real-Time Reporting

  • Track earnings, sales, profits, and costs in real-time from anywhere.
  • Get insight into sales per individual staff, product, category, or table for a certain period of time (hour, day, month, and/or year).
  • Receive trend reports that calculate customer footfall and customer orders; this way, you’ll be able to anticipate what some of your usual customers will order the moment they walk in.
  • Track your inventory with reports on inventory levels, control, and history and stay ahead of your stock needs.
  • View all the reports on taxes, purchases, gift cards, employee shifts, purchase & transfer orders, call center activities, and so much more within one console.

Inventory Managament

Monitor your inventory from your console and never lose track of your stock.
Stay up-to-date on the stock levels and order from your suppliers with a click of a button. Set up raw ingredients and units of storage, recipes, and suppliers per branch or warehouse.

  • Stock tracking:
    Keep track of your ingredients and their usage. All you need to do is pre-define the ingredients needed for your menu item and how much each dish will require and the rest is automatically processed. You will also get recommendations for inventory orders to be made
  • Warehouse management:
    Optimize warehouse operations and distribution center management. Request, purchase, and produce inventory items, and transfer them to and from your branches.
  • Inventory Count:
    Perform inventory count regularly in order to maintain accurate inventory balance both in-house and on paper.
  • Cost and Quantity Adjustment:
    Balance your inventory by creating quantity and cost adjustment transactions based on reasons you select such as waste, expiry, or other reasons. Assess your inventory and keep up with your restaurant’s needs.

Supplier Management, Purchasing, & Transfers

  • Add and manage suppliers through your console.
  • Link products to suppliers.
  • Issue purchase orders and receive inventory.
  • Make transfer orders between branches, warehouses, or central kitchens.

User Roles and Authority Management

Stay in control of your internal operations by specifying the rules, assigning authorities and granting permissions to your employees according to their responsibilities to avoid mistakes that could hinder your progress.

Promotions, Discounts, and Timed Events

  • Use promotions to attract customers by offering them benefits when they spend or buy from select menu items. For example, you can set a 50% discount that is automatically applied when a customer purchases a certain item of your choosing.
  • Create different types of discounts and assign them to branches, products, and even customer categories.
  • Automate your promotions with timed events. For example, automatically activate a 30% discount on one of your burgers to customers that visit your restaurant on Tuesdays from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.


Design your own loyalty program to encourage customers to continue to shop at your restaurant. Build your rewards strategy from your console based on points or punch cards and decide on whether your incentives will be a discount amount or a menu item.

For the ultimate loyalty implementation, you’ll also have access to Foodics’ Marketplace where you can find third-party apps that provide state-of-the-art loyalty tools and features.


Create coupons based on a discount code that you can track to measure the efficiency of your marketing activity.

Gift Cards

Create and sell gift cards to your customers, track balances, and use gift cards as a payment method at your restaurant.

Third-Party App Integration

Benefit from the Foodics Marketplace where you can find over 100 third-party apps that compliment your business needs. Integrate with the app of your choosing to your Foodics account.

Table Management

Simulate your seating chart on your Cashier App, arrange tables, and assign orders.


The perfect ordering experience for casual and fine-dining, allowing the waiter to take course orders (main course, appetizers, dessert, and others), then arrange serving the plates by order.

Multiple Payment Methods

Set up all payment types: Credit, debit, Mada, Apple Pay, Gift cards, and others.

Order Splitting

Allows the waiter to split the order in between guests for an easier and more pleasant Check-out experience.

Internal Transaction Approvals

Set up approval cycles for inventory purchase and transfer transactions to control the flow of your inventory.

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Get further performance solutions & enhance your guest experience.

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