Foodics POS system: Manage Your Restaurant Like Never Before

In every market, there are several solutions that meet your needs and solve your problems. In the restaurant business, there are several POS systems available to restaurant owners and entrepreneurs. Restaurant owners assess the best POS devices and software available and on that basis make the best choice. POS systems are pivotal for every restaurant. They serve as the beating heart of the entire enterprise. You can choose to go for the best POS system, or you can opt for a regular device, and risk having malfunctions and problems down the line.

Within the MENA region -in the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia- there are a few cloud-based smart POS systems available for the restaurant industry. However, none are quite like the Foodics all-encompassing POS system.

Foodics, an expert in Food tech, offers a unique product that provides a unique solution. Foodics all-in-one restaurant management system has helped several restaurant owners with their customer experience, billing, kitchen inventory, and more.

The Foodics solutions continue to be a product that meets industry demands even as they change and evolve. But if you still need convincing, then here are 4 important reasons why you need the Foodics full solution in your restaurant.

Scalable For All Sorts of Dining Establishments

The main reason why Foodics POS system is sought after by many restaurant entrepreneurs is because Foodics offers a product that is scalable for all kinds of restaurants or dining establishments. For example, if you own a chain of restaurants with several branches, the Foodics POS system and software will be perfect for you. It will help you track orders, reservations, billing, and inventory. And if you own a Food Truck that caters to the commuters around Dubai’s Business Bay -for example- then the Foodics smart solution is perfect for you.

The point is that whether you own a fine dining restaurant, a food court, a cafe, or a food truck, the Foodics system and software is meant to service all sorts of establishments. The true genius of the Foodics smart solution is that you are able to do so much with one system. It allows you to expand or downsize your operation as much as you like.

Mobile Friendly

In today’s digital fast-paced world, time is always of the essence. You can’t have a product or a feature today and not have it be mobile friendly.

The main reason why is because you need to have access while on the go, rushing from place to place, managing your business. The restaurant business is very much a fast-paced, high turnover, industry. You need to be able to make decisions on the fly.

Would you rather wait till you get to your location to learn about your inventory levels, your reservations, or employee timesheet? Or would you rather be able to check the details of your business as soon as you wake from your iPhone or iPad?

The beauty of the Foodics smart solution is that it allows you to access all your information from your mobile devices so that you always have them on you wherever you go. Data is stored in English or in Arabic which only adds to the accessibility of the Foodics smart solution system.

Several Special Features and Add-Ons

When Apple dropped the iPhone, they annihilated every other type of phone available in the market. The reason why is because of the several unique features and special services that smartphones provided. Today, the Foodics smart POS solution is very much like the iPhone of POS systems.

The amount of features that Foodics provides check all the boxes across the board. You can track employee timesheets, handle billing, monitor and maintain inventory. Our smart POS solution offers data and insights so that you can better understand your customer wants and needs.

Through the Foodics smart solution, you can also acquire Foodics pay (Contactless payment solution), which allows customers to pay at your restaurant through several ways including Apple pay or by bank card. This feature aims to make the customer’s experience at your restaurant as a smooth and seamless as possible.

Cloud-Based Solutions

So far the Foodics POS for restaurants has shown to be a smart solution, all-encompassing, accessible, and scalable. But the main feature of the Foodics solution is that it has Cloud-Based technology. Meaning that you can access your restaurant and business data anywhere you are in the world.

Not only that, Foodics automatically stores your data to the cloud, for safety purposes. Meaning your business is in safe hands. One would say the safest hands. The smart POS solution offered by Foodics is changing the way restaurant owners approach their business and strategy.

Why Foodics Solutions?

The above-stated reasons are all excellent features. Each one by itself is unique and impressive, but those features combined offer restaurant owners and entrepreneurs an opportunity at improving their business. Through Foodics, you can better operate your restaurant, cut costs and losses, boost profits, and enhance customer experience.
Start using Foodics POS solution today by signing up and benefiting from a 14-day free trial here!