Understand your customer behavior with comprehensive analytics to customize your communication messages and improve customer experience

A Fully Automated, Smart & Customizable Solution

App Details

Boost business growth with a comprehensive customer engagement solution.

Easily establish a customized loyalty program, understand customers behavior, personalize communication messages, efficiently drive ROI and wow customers with gifts and special offers.

Monitor and optimize the performance of your loyalty program through a smart and easy-to-use dashboard. Improve customer experience with a simple registration and automated point collection system. Promote products on discount or gift bundles in Bonat shop.

App Features

  • An advanced system that collects customers’ visits, orders, and feedback.
  • Smart customer segmentation to further understand their behavior.
  • Detailed reports that help you understand your ROI (Return On Investments).
  • Accurate analysis on customers’ data.
  • Build relationships with your customers by sending them special offers and promotions.
  • Manage operations with the pickup feature.
  • Communicate effectively with customers through messages and build relationships by gifting them.
  • Launch promotional coupons and product discounts through Bonat Shop.


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