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App Details

This app is officially developed by Wafeq and connects your Foodics account with Wafeq. It will automatically sync your sales, purchases, inventory, and cost of goods on a daily basis.

App Features

  • Sync your orders and VAT:
    Wafeq will automatically book your daily sales and VAT from Foodics, and generate the VAT return for you on a quarterly basis.
  • Sync your purchases:
    Each purchase in Foodics will be recorded as a bill in Wafeq so you can track your accounts payable, and suppliers from Foodics will be synced as suppliers in Wafeq.
  • Sync your inventory:
    Wafeq will automatically pull your inventory value and adjustments, including inventory count adjustments and quantity adjustments in Foodics.
  • Book your cost of goods sold accurately:
    Cost of goods from your orders in Foodics will be automatically recorded in Wafeq.
  • More accounting features include:
    • Wafeq is approved by ZATCA and is fully e-invoicing compliant:
      Create and send e-invoices to your customers with QR codes
    • Send quotes to your customers, then convert them to invoices
    • Manage your payroll and employee expenses
    • Invite your employees, run payroll and manage their expense claims


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