Establish a well-oiled food delivery service and start processing more orders and catering to a wider customer base.

Reach More Customers Than Ever!

App Details

View and process Deliveroo orders through your dedicated Foodics POS solution. With our integrated system, you’ll be able to view your orders from both platforms via a single tablet and react to incoming orders in real-time.

App Features

  • Work Efficiently:
    All orders are automatically sent to your POS eliminating delays, mistakes, and errors.
  • Track Your Sales:
    Transactions occurred through Deliveroo are integrated to your POS for a more precise reporting and analytics process.
  • Stay Organized:
    Consolidate all your incoming restaurant and online orders onto one device.
  • Reduce Labor Costs:
    Save costs of assigning your staff to manually input online orders to your POS and have it done automatically.
  • Save Time:
    No longer worry about the logistics of each order from prep time to pickups and satisfy your customers with an efficient delivery service.



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