Foodics Signs 3 Strategic Partnerships To Future Proof The F&B Sector With Qoot, Sabbar and Classera

08 November 2022, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. FOODICS, the leading cloud-based restaurant technology and payments platform in the MENA region, has unveiled it has signed 3 strategic partnerships to future proof the F&B sector with Qoot, The Café and Restaurant Association, Sabbar as well as Classera.

The partnerships were sealed during Seamless Saudi Arabia 2022, the Kingdom’s biggest tech event. For Foodics, the event represented a critical ecosystem gathering, and as a platinum sponsor of the event, Foodics also unveiled its latest technology stack to help restaurant owners overcome the pain points they face in running their F&B brands, be it a single outlet or a large restaurant chain.

Ahmad Al Zaini, Foodics Co-founder and CEO, commented, “Our latest tech-stack is squarely aimed at future proofing the F&B sector. In support of Saudi Arabia’s goal to promote private sector growth, we are pleased to have partnered with Qoot, Sabbar and Classera, to be  able to further enable restaurant owners to navigate change and build resilience for the future, by providing them knowledge, training and job placement solutions in Saudi Arabia.”

The strategic partnership between Foodics and Qoot will see them both working together to empower the development of the café and restaurant sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Ahmad Al Zaini, commented on this partnership and said, “We’re very excited today to have signed this partnership with Qoot which will get us closer to our clients and enable them with the necessary information, tools and resources for their growth and advancement.”

His Excellency Prince Waleed Bin Naser Al Saud, CEO of Mukatafa, said, “What distinguishes Foodics, and what encouraged us further to move forward with this partnership, is that they know their clients’ needs, whether they’re micro-businesses, SMEs or big corporations, and they’re able to provide them with solutions that address their industry pain points.”

Having also joined forces with Classera, Foodics will put within reach a state of the art integrated e-learning system. Mohammad Almadani, Co-founder & CEO, Classera commented, “It is our pleasure to have this strategic partnership with a company that is such a pioneer in the F&B sector in the region. In this partnership, Classera will put all of its expertise as a global leader in e-learning and e-training to help upskill and develop the talent of the F&B industry. I believe this partnership will help excel and empower the F&B community to the next big level enabling them to reach their full potential.

The 3rd partnership Foodics signed was with Sabbar, the on-demand staffing technology provider. Combining efforts, both companies will be able to boost the recruitment process and help talent secure opportunities across the F&B sector. Faisal Al Saadi, Chief of Staff, Sabbar said, “This partnership is very important to us. Foodics and Sabbar want to improve the F&B sector as we have plenty of youth in the country who are looking for job opportunities. Foodics has a great presence in the market, so we found common strategic goals and hopefully we’ll be able to grow further together.” 

Abdulrahman Joud, Director of Foodics Academy added “Having onboarded such complementary Foodics Academy partners, we will be able to both help the F&B sector enhance their knowledge and skills, as well as empower thousands of Saudi job seekers to land their dream job and grow their career.”

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FOODICS is the leading Restaurant and Payment Tech company in MENA, with an innovative 360° SaaS ecosystem making it a pioneer in the regional F&B industry.  Formally licensed as a Fintech company by the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA), the company’s vision is to build a complete restaurant management ecosystem that enables owners to run their operations seamlessly and grow their business. Its mission is to empower restaurant and merchant owners with a comprehensive cloud-based POS system to enrich their operations. FOODICS caters to every segment of the F&B sector from traditional dine-in restaurants, cafés, quick service restaurants, bakeries, food trucks through to cloud kitchens and non-food micro-retailers. Since its inception in 2014, it has successfully processed over 6 billion orders through the platform and raised a record USD170 mil in Series C round, making it one of the most promising SaaS companies to emerge from the MENA region. 

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About Qoot:

The Café and Restaurant Association “Qoot” was established in 2019 to contribute to developing the café and restaurant sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

It was established to serve as a single umbrella that includes all aspects in cafes and restaurants to promote joint action towards achieving change in the sector in the Kingdom, leading the sector towards a new era of prosperity.

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About Classera:

Classera’s services go beyond the traditional e-learning systems to an integrated one, presenting new quality services that will rock the land of educational technology. A new wave of products that make Classera an integrated system (to serve all sectors) of educational facilities. Starting with the administrative and financial systems for managing your schools, passing through new distinctive features of the Classera system, ending with innovative products that benefit the students and be an additional financial resource for all Classera subscribers of educational institutions.


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About Sabbar:

Sabbar is an on-demand staffing platform that specializes in frontline jobs in the retail, hospitality, and entertainment industries. Sabbar enables businesses to hire casual staff during peak hours or high seasons by connecting them to highly qualified and fully vetted professionals.

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