Solutions to Improve Your Business

Enhance the performance of your restaurant with solutions that bring satisfaction to both, yourself and your guests

Performance Solutions

Select the solutions you want in your bundle and build a dependable, scalable, and organized work-flow

Kitchen Display Screen

Streamline communications between your kitchen and wait staff,  allowing  your cooks to easily read orders and notes with the Kitchen Display Screen.

  • Enhance your management

    Simplify your kitchen management system and facilitate your staff’s work

  • Manage your orders

    Ensure the accuracy of all orders and automatically distribute them to their designated stations

  • Kitchen performance insights

    Keep track of your kitchen's speed of service and your staff's performance

Cloud-Based Call Center

Directly take orders from your customers on the phone using our advanced call center management feature

  • Centralize your call center

    Set up a main call center for all phone orders and distribute them across various branches

  • Encourage Direct Phone Orders

    Offer customers rewards to increase sales while on the call with them

  • Collect Data

    Create customer profiles to easily monitor useful insights

Customer Notifier App

Let your customers know that their order is ready through the Customer Notifier App
  • Interactive Order Display

    The Notifier App shows orders in the Kitchen in red and completed orders in green

  • Mirrored On Any Device

    Any screen can be used to showcase the Notifier App (TVs, Tablets, computers, etc.)

Multiple Cashiers in Your Store

Give your employees and customers an easier and faster purchasing experience at your restaurant.
  • No more waiting in line

    Reduce the waiting line in your QSR and increase your front-of-house efficiency

  • Better dine-in experience

    Employ more staff & further resources dedicated to providing the best guest dine-in experience

Gift Cards

Create multiple gift cards for your customers to boost your profit and further engage with your customers
  • Improve your cash flow

    Sell gift cards at your restaurant and utilize them as prepaid sales

  • Accept gift cards as payment methods

    Accept gift cards in-store as a viable and secure payment option

  • Attract customers with gift card promotions

    Widen your customer base by introducing promotional gift cards

Foodics BI for Better Decisions

Drive better business performance and unlock hidden growth opportunities through a deeper understanding of your data and smart visualization of your numbers.
  • Rich Charts

    Generate rich pie and bar charts comparing various entities for faster and more accurate comprehension of your data

  • Powerful Filters

    Control the breadth of displayed information by using filters to decide the time or date range, in addition to branches

  • Customized Alerts

    Set notifications to receive alerts when you reach your target or hit a threshold you want to follow

Coming Soon

Customer Display Screen

Simply add our NFC-enabled Customer Display Screen to your existing cashier holder, and start accepting contactless card payments
  • Better customer experience

    Through this screen, your customers can easily check their orders and pay for them all from one place

  • Contactless Payment

    Your customers can pay through our smart Customer Display Screen without any contact via their bank cards or Apple Pay

Coming Soon

Waiter App


Through our NFC-enabled Waiter App, your staff will be able to submit orders and collect digital payments from the same device
  • Delight your customers with a flawless experience

    Accept orders, offer contactless payments, eliminate errors and order delays

  • Save time and effort

    Your staff can receive payments directly on the Waiter App, easily, simply and without errors

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