10 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs a Branded Online Ordering System

10 reasons why you should setuo online presence for your restaurant

The restaurant industry has transformed at an accelerated pace in the last decade, and even more so following COVID-19, with thousands of restaurants venturing into the digital space as people flocked online. Today’s customers, especially millennials, prefer using technology to access restaurant services. They want to be able to view a menu and place their orders online, either through a website or a mobile app, and will engage with the brands that offer these options. Online ordering systems are no longer a desirable convenience but an absolute must-have for restaurant survival. If you’re in the F&B business and hesitant about launching your own, here are 10 great reasons to convince you, each with a relevant Foodics Online feature you can tap into. 

1.Streamlined Operations

Creating a website or an app (or both) for online ordering streamlines restaurant operations, increasing efficiency and giving your employees the time to manage more important tasks while order processing is done in the background.

With Foodics Online: Synchronize Incoming Orders, whether they are coming from your app, in-store kiosks, or QR codes with your Foodics POS, Cashier printer, and Kitchen Display System (KDS). 

2. More Accurate Orders & Less Food Waste

With all preferences and details provided directly by the customer, online ordering systems leave no room for confusion or miscommunication, leading to less errors, less food waste, and improved customer satisfaction.

With Foodics Online: Have full visibility on Segmentation of Orders by type, source, and payment method, and be able to launch relevant promotions and loyalty programs.

3. Fewer Abandoned Orders

Online ordering systems allow you to benefit from online payments. Since customers pay for their food digitally when submitting their order, the chances of fake or abandoned orders is reduced, thus reducing your risk and ensuring you receive payment. 

With Foodics Online: Use Abandoned Cart Notification to trigger your customers to fulfill their left order, and offer them Different Payment Options to make things much easier for them.

4. Affordable Marketing

Instead of paying for expensive media advertising and billboards, a user-friendly website or mobile app coupled with decent social media engagement allows you to reach your target audience at a fraction of the cost.

With Foodics Online: Earn your customers’ loyalty with relevant Promotions, Coupons, and Timed Events to excite them to order and entice them to come back for more. 

5. Enhanced Customer Understanding

Online ordering systems allow you to collect and analyze customer data in-depth so you can customize your menu, offers, and deal prices to provide a tailored experience that will keep your customers coming back.

With Foodics Online: Use Analytics-Based Selling Up depending on your customers’ ordering history and habits to automatically show them items they’d be inclined to buy.

6. Increased Revenue

Many restaurant customers confess they spend more money when placing orders online than they would dining in. With more time spent browsing your menu, you have the opportunity to drive up-sell or cross-sells and boost order sizes. Moreover, your own online ordering website or app will eliminate the 20-30% commission taken by aggregators. 

With Foodics Online: Increase your sales by making ordering from your restaurant as easy as breeze with Reordering from Past Orders or selecting from their My Favorites list of items. And enjoy using your branded ordering website and app from Foodics Commission Free.

7. Greater Reach

While your restaurant can seat 100-200 customers at a time, online ordering allows you to cater to a much larger number of customers, within your own set limits, without making additional investments in infrastructure or staff.

With Foodics Online: Activate Delivery Services with 3rd party providers or Manage Your Own Fleet of Drivers to ensure serving your customers within your areas of service.

8. Better Customer Support

With more control over operations, an online ordering system puts you in a much better position to deal with customer complaints, giving you access to all the information you need to pinpoint and address issues. 

With Foodics Online: Listen to your customers through Visual Feedback and receive Delivery & Pickup Ratings through a clear and dated list.

9. Stay Ahead of Competition 

With the growing consumer demand for faster and more convenient ways to order, creating an online food ordering system powered by innovative technology will put you ahead of most of the competition out there.

With Foodics Online: Give your dine-in customers the VIP experience of skipping the queue or ordering from the convenience of their tables without waiting for any staff by QR Ordering, and give your delivery customers the luxury of tracking Order Status through all its stages until it reaches them. 

10. Keep Your Brand on Top of Mind

As customers flock to online ordering, now is more crucial than ever to have your own branded digital presence. You don’t want your brand awareness to erode over time, so it is no longer enough to appear on a 3rd party online ordering platform. For example, your branded mobile app on Android and iPhone will include rewards updates with push notifications, curb-side delivery and contactless delivery.

With Foodics Online: You don’t have to be a name among many other names competing for the top of the list in an aggregator app or website! Your Branded Website & Customized Mobile App will be there to welcome your fans and lovers with your own colors and words!

If you are a Foodics POS owner, and would like to offer online ordering and payment for food in KSA, then you are only a few steps away from realizing this big dream of having your own branded website and/or mobile app with Foodics Online.

Contact us now to learn more and let your revenues take off!

Foodics Team

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