Leap 2023; The Region’s Most Prestigious Tech Event

LEAP 2023


LEAP 2023 is a global technology conference that is set to bring together over 100,000 tech innovators and leading experts from around the world. The event, which will take place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is designed to promote the discovery of new ideas, the building of new partnerships, and the connection with inspiring mentors and investors.

What is the focus of Leap 2023?


The conference is focused on driving positive change through technology and innovation, and it attracts some of the most innovative entrepreneurs, pioneers, government leaders, and disruptors in the industry. Leap Riyadh will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities that allow attendees to learn about the latest technologies in the global marketplace and how they can be used to drive positive change.

Who organizes Leap 2023?

The Leap conference is organized by a team of experts in the field of technology and business, who have a wealth of experience in organizing successful events of this magnitude. They have carefully curated the program to ensure that it features the most relevant and cutting-edge topics in the industry, like delivering hundreds of exhilarating storytelling sessions, provoking debates, controversy and immersive learning. The agenda will look like:


  1. LEAP’s Main Stage: one of the highlights of the conference is the Main Stage, where global business leaders and experts will come together to share their perspectives, visions, and hopes for the tech-enabled future. The theme of the conference is “Into New Worlds,” and each conference day will focus on a different pillar of innovation, including Spark, Collaboration, Momentum, and Future. Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from those who are developing the technologies shaping our lives and will address pressing issues such as the climate emergency, sustainable development, and the impact of the global health crisis on our day-to-day lives, as well as equality, inclusion, belonging, and diversity.

  2. The Investor Stage: a unique platform for learning, sharing, and connecting with some of the top investors in the world. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn directly from industry titans such as GV Ravishankar, Managing Partner of Sequoia Capital India, Tim Ringel, Investor and Advisory Board Member at Adit Ventures, William Bao Bean, General Partner at SOSV, and many more. These top investors will share their insights and experiences on a wide range of topics, including how to identify promising investment opportunities, how to navigate the challenges of early-stage investing, and how to build a successful portfolio. The Investor Stage offers a unique platform for exploring the unconventional and empowering the exceptional. In addition, the Investor Stage will also provide a platform for start-ups to showcase their innovative ideas and products to a global audience of investors and entrepreneurs, who can provide valuable feedback, mentorship, and funding.

  3. The Orbital Talks: a space to explore the intersection of science, technology, arts, and entertainment. The conference will feature a variety of speakers who will discuss how technological progress and the global crisis have been catalysts for rapid transformation in learning and teaching, highlighting the glaring gaps in access to education and education technology. The Orbital Talks will focus on the latest developments in education technology and how it can be used to improve access to education for all.

  4. The Edutech Stage: the stage addresses pressing issues related to the future of learning and education and delves into topic areas such as staff support and capacity development, immersive education, digital skills and literacy for the future workforce, and safety, privacy, and data protection. Attendees will learn about how technology is shaping the future of finance hubs and understand the fine line between competition and collaboration among legacy institutions and FinTech start-ups. The stage will also feature talks on critical topics such as cybersecurity and responsible use of innovation. These talks will provide valuable insights on how to keep students and educators safe online and how to use technology responsibly to improve education.


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What are the key highlights of Leap 2023?

One of the key highlights of Leap Saudi 2023 is the keynote speakers such as Semih Kumluk, Digital Academy Senior Manager at PwC and Mahdi Aladel, Chief Executive Officer at Aramco Ventures. These speakers are some of the most respected and influential figures in the tech industry, who will be sharing their insights and experiences with the audience. They will be discussing the latest trends and developments in the industry, as well as the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


The conference will also feature panel discussions, where experts in various fields will come together to discuss the latest trends, technologies, and challenges in the tech industry. These discussions will provide attendees with valuable insights and perspectives on the industry, as well as the opportunity to ask questions and engage in interactive discussions.


In addition to the keynote speeches and panel discussions, the conference will also feature a wide range of networking opportunities. This will allow attendees to connect with like-minded individuals, build lasting relationships, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the tech industry.

Final thought

Leap 2023 is a must-attend global tech event for anyone interested in staying at the forefront of technological advancements and discovering new opportunities for growth and innovation. The tech conference is an excellent opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, build lasting relationships, and gain valuable insights into the latest trends and developments in the technology relevant to your business or industry. Furthermore, the conference will be an opportunity to explore and discover investment and business opportunities in the Kingdom.


At LEAP 2023, Foodics’ team of experts will be on hand to discuss the latest trends and advancements in the restaurant industry, and how Foodics solutions can help businesses in the region to grow and thrive. They will also be listening to clients’ feedback and offering support to help businesses make the most of their technology investments.


Foodics is committed to providing its clients with the best possible service, and is constantly working to develop new and innovative solutions that will help businesses in the F&B industry to become more efficient, profitable, and customer-focused. Overall, Foodics plays a vital role in advancing restaurant tech in the Kingdom and the region, and its participation in the LEAP 2023 event will further boost its efforts and contribute to the growth of the industry in the region.


Foodics was at Leap 2022, and this year, our experts will be there in Hall T4 Booth D70 at KSA Tech Area. Visit our booth to discover the latest updates in restaurant management technology including but not limited to RMS & POS, payment solutions, self-ordering, and more.

Areen Abushanap

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