Restaurant Trends 2023: 7 Steps To Positive Change

restaurant trends 2023

Hospitality trends have shifted in the last few years to survive the latest unfortunate events. However, Things were slowly but steadily going back to normal starting mid-2022. Heading into 2023, it is expected that the hospitality sector will make a full recovery from the pandemic’s ramifications.

Restaurant trends 2023 are geared toward 3 key priorities:

1. Continued post-COVID recovery through digital transformation and cost reduction.

2. Providing more health-conscious menus.

3. Taking eco-friendly measures and initiatives.

In this article we go through 7 restaurant trends for 2023, so buckle up, we’re jumping right into it. 2

1- Live music is on the rise

Music is known as the fastest mood changer available to humankind. We use music in almost all aspects of our lives and we certainly use it in restaurants to create a nice lively or cozy atmosphere. Lately, we are noticing that live music is gaining popularity among restaurants and people are loving it!

Live music events or even comedy shows and film screenings can be incorporated into your restaurant schedule once a week. Make sure to choose bands and performers that go well with your restaurant’s theme. This trend will undoubtedly help you attract new customers.

2- Cryptocurrency is making its way into restaurants

Did you know that some restaurants started accepting cryptocurrencies as a payment method? Restaurants are usually late to adopt the latest technologies but they seem to be in the lead when it comes to cryptocurrency. Some places in Dubai are starting to accepting Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and BitcoinCash through a special barcode designed for a crypto wallet.

This trend is still emerging but is expected to be a big one in the next few years. So consider jumping on the bandwagon before it becomes mainstream. 

3- Eco-friendly is trendy

The hospitality sector in the Middle East has been taking considerable measures to become more eco-friendly. Some of these measures include:

1- Eliminating single-use plastic.

2- Integrating energy-efficient lighting and utilities.

3- Incorporating renewable and environmentally friendly materials.

4- Adopting low-carbon energy sources like solar power.


These measures are steps in the right direction to help our environment while keeping the customer experience intact. 

4- A healthier menu

The number of health-conscious consumers is drastically increasing over the last few years and restaurant owners are catching on to this fact. Restaurants are including meals that cater to different dietary regimens that are gaining popularity among the younger generation such as the vegan and the ketogenic diets. Meals corresponding to these special diets can be set at higher prices and still be in demand. Restaurants are also using more organic and GMO-free ingredients as well as regular healthier food options to appeal to health-conscious customers.

5- Midweek brunch

We can all agree that brunches are awesome, so why limit them to the weekend? More restaurants, cafes, and hotels are making brunch an official meal of the day. Dubai has taken the lead on brunch in the Middle East, and it is evident that Riyadh and Doha are catching up to the trend. What makes Brunches more fun in these cities is the diversity of the culinary sector thanks to an increased number of ex-pats and foreign investments. 


Brunch is the cool kid in town and everyone is rushing to book their tables in the late mornings to enjoy it with friends. So if you haven’t incorporated the brunch culture in your restaurant yet, this is your cue!

6- Self-ordering kiosks are taking over

Needless to say, innovation improves performance and in this fast-paced day and age, people are always looking for quicker services and this does not exclude the dining experience. Millennials rely on technology to make purchasing decisions, so much so, that they now find traditional ordering methods somewhat inconvenient. 


Self-ordering kiosks were first adopted by fast-food chains such as Mcdonald’s and were quickly found to improve customer experience, boost sales, enhance productivity, and reduce costs. Independent restaurants are quickly picking up on the benefits of this technology and are starting to adopt it in their businesses. The self-service kiosk market is expected to reach a growth rate of 8.6% between 2020 and 2027.


If you haven’t incorporated self-ordering kiosks in your restaurant yet and you are looking for the best option, look no further and invest in our Foodics Kiosk TODAY!

7- Simple menus are better

It was once believed that longer, more diverse menus that offer specialties from different cuisines with pages upon pages of choices that make you question your existence, was a good idea. It turns out they’re not. 


Restaurants and customers finally realize that shorter menus generate more profit for the restaurant and better quality and taste for the consumer. A short menu can reduce food costs and waste immensely and allow chefs to develop fewer yet more exquisite dishes. Some restaurants even limit their menu to one or 3 signature dishes and are generally more successful than other restaurants. You certainly don’t need to go to that extent but do try to keep it simple.


To wrap it up, restaurant trends in 2023 are moving in the right direction to provide a better customer experience, reduce costs, and cut Earth some slack when it comes to carbon emissions and other environmental issues. These are all positive and PR’able trends you might want to consider for your restaurant this year.

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