5 Ways to Support SME in Restaurants & Cafes

Customers in an SME restaurant

We are stronger together, and our sector is capable of achieving qualitative leaps if we decide to support small and medium enterprises (SME), which represent most of the commercial establishments in the countries of the world with high rates of employment opportunities.

It is no secret to anyone that the restaurant and cafe sector has suffered severe damage as a result of closures and measures to combat Covid-19, which prompted many of them to close or lay off a large part of their workers at best. And for that there are many ways to support SME.

It is our duty on our National Day to celebrate the people of the country who decided to go into the independent business experience on their own, so we provide them with all support and supplies to grow their businesses and become a new example to follow and build upon.

How can we support the owners of small and medium restaurants and cafes?

Allocate at Least a Day in the Week for Them

Perhaps most of us are accustomed to visiting large local restaurants or ordering meals online from internationally known names, so why not allocate at least one day a week to order online, or visit a nearby restaurant from your home or work, or drink coffee in the morning in a nearby cafe that smells of good coffee but is not a known brand name?

Let’s get used to ordering from small businesses before choosing big facilities, and doing a quick search on the mobile app to see if our favorite meals are available from other sources.

Support Them on Social Media & Spread Their News

If you are fortunate to have a good number of high-quality local restaurants and cafes, you should share your feedback of the restaurants you visit with others on social media to increase their patrons and enable them to develop their business and open new branches.

We often see our friends on social media sharing their beautiful moments with us from restaurants and cafes they went to, which intrigues us to ask about them and their locations.

Each one of us should take the initiative from now on to change our strategy and mention the name and location of any restaurant we visit and include a written evaluation of our experiences with an expressive image, in order to attract more people and introduce them to these small businesses.

Criticize Them Sympathetically & Write Your Reviews Carefully

Think twice before publishing a negative review for any small restaurant or cafe. If the experience was unpleasant, make sure to present your complaint directly to the management. These organizations are small in size and you can communicate your ideas directly to the responsible person and turn them into action.

Always keep in mind the efforts of these small and medium enterprises to provide their best, and know that your constructive criticism and kind guidance will motivate them to improve and perfect their craft even further, which will reflect positively on them, you and the local community they serve.

Communicate with Them & Appreciate Their Efforts

The accelerating pace of life sometimes pushes us not to pay attention to service providers and meal makers, so we forget to thank them or praise them for their kindness and keenness to provide everything that is healthy and delicious for us and those we love.

That’s why it is important to remember to thank the workers in any restaurant in which we enjoyed a delicious meal, and ask for the person in charge to recommend ideas to develop his/her business, such as better online presence, for example, or anything that he/she might need help with.

Buy Now, Order Later

We can support the owners of small and medium-sized restaurants and cafes by changing our approach towards gift cards, which are bought on very limited occasions. Let’s buy a larger number of gift cards and use them to strengthen our social relationships, or even consume them ourselves when one of us wants to reward himself for a new achievement.

For the owner of the restaurant, gift cards are immediate and direct financing for their establishment and serve as a promise as well to return to them and benefit from their services. If you share these gift cards with others, the restaurant will have gained a new customer through you!

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There are many ways to support SME in restaurants and cafes in our neighborhood, most of them are available to us while we are in our homes or through our phones, and many of these methods have no financial cost at all.

Let’s take responsibility towards supporting small businesses and hold ourselves to the standards of our country. We are stronger together!


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